Monday, June 30, 2008

Death. Has become a terrifying word to everybody. Though I was a junkie, I don’t know why I experimentally consumed drugs; on the other hand I was so afraid of death. Not to forget I used to love motorcycle racing. Speeding over 120 km/h, but afraid of death?

But, it has changed now. Life, death, is in God’s hand. As a human, we’ll never know what His plans are. It doesn’t mean that I’m not afraid anymore. But when it’s my time to leave, I’m ready when “The Big Boss” calls me.

Before I die, I wanna do some stuff. And here are the lists:

· See smile from my mom and dad everyday.

· See my sister delivering her babies.

· Take my “Bude” to holly land.

· Meet DBM and TJG’s twinnies.

· Ride ATV.

· Buy ontel bike.

· Get my Gibson back.

· Bungee jumping.

· Rafting and mountaineering.

· Stop smoking.

· Street racing again.

· Know all my exes are OK.

· Go to Tintin museum in Brussels.

· Go to South Africa and Brazil with Big Fella.

· Propose KI to be my wedded wife? Hihihihi… (YOU WISH MATE???!!!)


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