Saturday, August 4, 2007


Nothing could make me happy that night other than 00.00 hours. But that two-become-one moment didn't have to celebrate with trumpets, horns and fire crackers like countdown on New Years Eve. By seeing that 00.00 hours already make me happy though my heart beat twice faster.

[and there I was. Sitting on my bed with hanging thoughts to the unknown future. I saw the clock no more. I paid attention nowhere. I just smiled because I finally reached the time. And I just smiled...]

On the 1st minute, I wished thanks to the almighty for everything, for everything I couldn't pay Him back. I asked for forgiveness for every sins I made [hey...I'm just human after all]. Asked for everything that no other human being alive could provide, till no more words could come.

[then I smiled. Again...]

Something was buzzing. cell phone. Yep... cell phone suddenly became the next-interesting-thing that night. Hmm, I wonder. Who is the first person that sent me birthday wishes? DB. And that was him. He is my best friend though we didn't see each other well because he lives in Indiana now. He's always the like that; being the first in my last-and-this-year birthday. Thanks dude...

And other texts came, intercepted with one call. HEGI. She is my ex girl friend. She was born a day after me. It was even more special with the presence of her voice wishing me good luck and bringing late night stories.

These eyes were finally tired. And I should obey them to fall asleep. Looked like they didn't want to get into euphoria. Hmmm... I agree. Because the day had just begun for two hours

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