Tuesday, August 7, 2007


August 5, 2007. 11.02 A. M

Finally, the day is officially over.

I'm not as happy as 24 hours ago and that's not important anymore. Dreams can never become reality. But that's not the point. I shiuld be grateful for whatever I have now, not just for whatever I want. Birthday is not happiness parameter though it's a special day for me.

Maybe I'm not as happy as yesterday, because today [which is not my birthday anymore] I dont use it for reflection. Or maybe because of perfection I want doesn't exist.

Ahh... I'm so lame. Why don't I realize that I have friends who love me? Other maybe don't have as great as them. I also can gather with my family, other maybe don't have complete family. My disappointment is nothing compare to them

Shit... I'm not happy because of my self. Hahahahahahahahaaa.......All I can do now is just laughing on my stupidity.

why does this laugh make me happy?

Okay... That's a wrap folks for this episode of my LITTLE BIRTDAY NOTE

keep your head and hope up...

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